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Your Choices Change the World

Be a Successful Leader in Any Industry
Whilst Making the Impact that You are Passionate About

Your Choices Change the World

Be a successful leader in any industry
whilst making impact that you are passionate about.
Fast-track your career today - Create a difference that lasts into tomorrow.

Accelerate your career and wealth whilst contributing to the world with your inspirations and passions.

from Jon and Kirsty, the husband and wife team who bring you the unique combination of executive board level experience, coaching mastery and a powerful hypnotherapy-based therapeutic modality.  

Accelerate your Career

Do you need help to fast-track your executive career and your wealth-creation, whatever industry you are in?

We support you in mastering the advanced business skills and capabilities that are the catalyst for achieving outstanding results.


We guide you in removing your limiting beliefs and so unlock your fullest potential.


We support you in expanding your definition of personal wealth, bringing new dimensions to this which will inspire your creativity and achievements.

Inspire your Team

Do you need support in engaging your employees in a way which inspires them into bringing their best to your business, establishes a culture thriving on shared success, inclusivity and trust, and which secures your reputation as a world-class leader?

We show you what stands world-class leaders apart from ordinary leaders, and how you can to step into this yourself with our hands-on experiential learning.


We teach you the supporting structures and processes which allow world-class employee engagement to happen all by itself. 

Contribute to the World

Do you want to make a difference in the world through your passions, and find the deep and lasting fulfilment that others find elusive in their careers? Do you want to be remembered for something uplifting and meaningful?


We support you in gaining clarity on  your most audacious dream for you and the world... the dream that which in working towards would bring you the deepest fulfilment.


We show you how to create the conditions for your success, and the actionable plans that make your audacious dream achievable.

Our unique executive coaching offering is focused on you stepping into the biggest and most inspiring version of yourself, maximising your career potential whilst having powerful impact in the world.

Do you want your work to make a difference towards transforming our many global issues but feel frustrated with the pace and scale of your impact? 


Have you lost your drive, motivation and spark, or find the success and recognition you have no longer fulfilling? Does your soul feel tired?

Do you know deep down that you have so much more that you can achieve as a bigger version of yourself, but don't know how to step into this?

Do you believe that you and your business or enterprise has unfulfilled potential in the impact it can make in the world? 


Choose to make the powerful impact in your business and the world that you know is possible for you

In doing so, not only do you personally thrive and prosper, but you make

the inspired choice for your career, your family and the world.

Your Choices Change the World

Choose to step into your fullest potential.

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Meet Jon and Kirsty Macdonald

Jon Macdonald | | Business Coaching Personal Coaching.jpg
  • Former Executive Board Director of a FTSE-100 size-business

  • Coach and mentor to CEOs

  • Created and lead teams with externally validated world-class leadership and engagement

  • Overseen 1,000+ C-Suite leaders and USD 2 trillion of assets

  • Sponsored change programmes from USD 10m to 300m

  • 30+ years mindfulness expert and advanced meditation teacher

  • Fellow of The Institute of Actuaries, BSc Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics

  • Former CEO and Founder of Exclusive Transformational Coaching Practice based on Harley Street, London

  • Master coach with over 10,000 hours of coaching experience

  • TEDx speaker and contributor to The Huffington Post

  • Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP Master Practitioner

  • Embodiment Expert

  • Royal Academy of Dance and Arts (RADA) qualified

  • HPD, DipCHyp, NLP Prac, MNCH, MCNHC

"Jon and Kirsty Macdonald create an inspiring space for you to powerfully transform your life. Their approach is both simple to access and deeply impactful."

"Amazingly empowering and liberating."

Difference Is So Much Closer Than You Think

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