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"Your own self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world."

Ramana Maharshi


We have an ever-growing library of free resources for you to access in your own time and also for you to share with anyone who you think might also enjoy diving into the AlwaysChoose approach.

On the pages linked to below you will find writings on the blog, guided meditations and talks to listen to and videos for you to watch. These are being added to all the time so do check back regularly and subscribe to our mailing list to receive some of these straight to your inbox. 

As you explore the AlwaysChoose 6 Elements of Calm Mind, Devotion to Self, Personal Compass, Open Heart, Body & Breath and Inspired Action you will find that different resources speak to you at particular times. If you require particular guidance do also get in touch here. We offer private sessions and also do our best to incorporate particular questions and enquiries from individuals in our online videos, writings and recordings. 

As well as for you directly, these resources can be useful both personally and professionally; for managers, parents, teachers, therapists, healthcare workers and anyone who has a responsibility for others in their life or workplace. Feel free to contact us on if you would like advice on how to best use some of these teachings to serve those around you. 


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