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inspired action


“For we have not come here to take prisoners,
Or to confine our wondrous spirits, 
But to experience ever and ever more deeply
Our divine courage, freedom, and Light!”

In working through the AlwaysChoose approach to living, we begin to connect to a clearer flow from which Inspired Action becomes possible. More and more we experience being ‘lit up from the inside’ as a way of moving in the world and creating from a place of deep inspiration and wellbeing. It is as if our bodies become a clear vessel for expressing all that we are and all that we can be, and as we increasingly sweep away the distractions of what is no longer needed, we find our clearly stated intentions become reality far more easily and with increased pleasure. 


We recognise that action without inspiration and Direct Knowing is foundationless, often misdirected and sometimes misguided, and that inspiration without action is beautiful stillness where little happens. For the deepest form of success we need a balanced equation. Both Inspiration + Action (Inspired Action) = Success. The result is transformational in ways you might expect, in many ways that might surprise you and is the foundation for freedom. 


We have come to know what beautifully unique individuals we are. We have an increasingly unshakable knowledge that no one can express themselves in the way that we can. Nobody else is here to create, impact, love and to be as you are in this world. Only your particular set of cells, beliefs, challenges and skills, only this unique alchemy of you, can do what you can do. 


When we move with Inspired Action we find a place in ourselves, in each other and the world of a great personal power that when followed opens up far more than our thinking minds allow us to know. Like a bright balloon soaring into the blue of the sky, our Inspiration rises up high the more we allow it. The more we do this, the more we can, and the more benefit we experience. By allowing Inspired Action to come to the fore we are already in the creation of it all. Action starts with belief 100% of the time. And inspired beliefs change lives, including your own.

In exploring Inspired Action, here are some practices to get you started...



Inspired Relationships

Take some time to sit quietly in reflection. Perhaps light a candle. Have your journal ready. 


Relationships can be challenging and rewarding. Many people experience either a few individual relationships in their life as particularly challenging, or specific areas of otherwise healthy relationships that are difficult. 


Choose and write down three relationships in your life that you find challenging in some way and take some time to reflect on why this is. 


On looking at these, notice if there are any commonalities between them. Any similar patterns or complaints. Maybe there is, maybe there isn’t. Just notice. 


Then, taking each relationship individually:

What is it you actively resent or dislike about this person?

What is it you can actively love about this person?

What is it you actively resent or dislike about this situation?

What is it you can actively love about this situation?


What else is important to see, hear or experience about it that means you can begin to create a more inspired and heart-felt relationship to this situation? 


And finally, remembering you can only directly affect your experience, not that of others, what is the Inspired Action you could take in each of these situations that independent of any desired outcome you may wish for, could be the most healing, opening or refreshing? What does your Direct Knowing guide you toward that could, for you, begin to take that relationship out of habitual into healthy? 


Only you get to decide if this is appropriate and something you actually want to do. Sometimes Inspired Action looks very still and is about the changes that awareness and intention brings us. 

Some questions and prompts to guide your Inspired Action


Is this helpful, to me, and/or others?

Is this harmless, to me, and others?

Is this opening or closing?

Is this from Direct Knowing, or from the thinking mind?

Is this life-giving, or life-negating? 

Is this my Inspired Action, or something that others expect of me? 

What is the inspired move here? 

Is this enlivening, or not? 

When I think of this, do I feel energised? 

Is this convenient to me?

Does this feel beautiful or painful? 

Does this action leave the world more inspired than before it happened?

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